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How to Connect Free WiFi in the Hiroshima City

There are two ways to connect Free WiFi in the Hiroshima City
1. Through registering with your email or social media account
(Social media only available with Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi)
2. Through the Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi App.(Recommended)
Download the app and easily connect to free Wi-Fi anywhere in Japan.
More detail:

How to reach your hotel from Hiroshima station or Hiroshima airport

From Hiroshima Station
If you carry a suitcase, we recommend to use a taxi(about JPY1,400).
Taxi Station(YouTube)
From Hiroshima Airport to Hiroshima Bus Center
We strongly recommend to use Limousine Bus to Hiroshima Bus Center(JPY1,340).
Hiroshima Airport to Hiroshima Bus Center(YouTube)
From Hiroshima Bus Center to Your Hotel(Note!!)
On Foot
Please mark your hotel in Google Map and use navigation to find a direction.
The Bus Center is here.
By Taxi
The biggest problem is that there is no taxi stand in the Bus Center. It is difficult to use city buses or street cars for first-time visitors from foreign countries. If you ask someone how to reach your hotel, they may not understand English. Then, you will face a trouble.
If you need a taxi, you should use the taxi stand of RIHGA Royal Hotel Hiroshima near the Bus Station.
RIHGA Royal Hotel Hiroshima is here.
You do not have to pay tips at any places / occasions in Japan.
If you try to pay, they may feel strange or try to refuse.
They are thinking that their service is not for money.

Access to the Venue

Being located at the center of the Hiroshima City, the International Conference Center Hiroshima (ICCH, the venue of IFAAP) is easily accessible in a variety of ways, depending on their starting point.

From Hiroshima Airport
By Limousine Bus About 70 minutes (1,340 yen)
From the airport, take the limousine bus bound for Hiroshima Bus Center from the 1st floor of the arrival gate, and get off at the Hiroshima Bus Center. From here, The ICCH is about 10 minutes on foot.
By Taxi About 50 minutes (about 15,000 yen)

From JR Hiroshima Station
By Bus About 20 minutes (180 yen)
Take No. 24 Hiroshima Bus for Yoshijima from A-3 at the south exit of Hiroshima Station, and get off at “Heiwa Kinen Koen (Peace Memorial Park)”. From there, the ICCH is about 3 minutes on foot.
By Streetcar About 20 minutes (180 yen) (
Take a streetcar for Hiroshima Port (Ujina Port) (No. 1), and get off at “Fukuro-machi”. From there, the ICCH is about 8 minutes on foot.
Take a streetcar for Eba (No. 2) or Miyajima (No. 6), and get off at “Genbaku Dome Mae.” From there, the ICCH is about 8 minutes on foot.
By JR Line and Astramline About 30 minutes (330 yen)
Take the JR Line going toward Iwakuni and get off at “Shin-Hakushima” Station. At Shin-Hakushima Station, transfer to the Astramline. From there, take the Astramline for Hondori and get off at the Last stop “Hondori” Station. From there, the ICCH is about 10 minutes on foot.
By Taxi About 15 minutes (about 1,400 yen)

Google Map
Surrounding Area Map
Wider Area Map

Information for Understanding Japan

Welcome to Hiroshima

7 Best Places to Visit in Hiroshima

20 Essential Tips for Japan

Why Japan's Crime Rate Is So Low


Safe Japan: Please do not try this

One day at Kindergarten near Hiroshima: Safe City Hiroshima

For Understanding Japanese English
L and R Crazy English Strange English Japanese Pronunciation

For Understanding Japanese Society
Video1 Video2 Video3 Video4 Video5 Video6 Video7 Video8 Video9

For Understanding Nature of Japanese with Music
Video1 Video2 Video3 Video4 Video5 Video6 Video7 Video8 Video9

Places to Visit before/after the Conferece

A Message to US-participants
Best Bike Route in the World: Shimanami Kaido in Japan
Rabbit Island!! Okunoshima
Kinosaki Onsen(Hot Spring)
Tsuwano (Carps swim in a canal)
Miyajima, Shrine Island of Deers Onsen Ryokans and Torii
Dogo Onsen in Shikoku Island
Kobe: What to Do and Eat (Kobe Beef!!)
Shimoseki, Excellent Taste of Poison Puffer Fish

If you are interested in Onsen and Japanese Ryokan, please see this page.
Please contact Ms. Emi Sugano at Kinki Nippon Tourist (KNT),
when you need supports in travel planing including reservation of ryokans and hotels.

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