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Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (PFM) Conference and Workshops

The international workshop series on Piezoresponse Force Microscopy has its origins in 2007 when the first meeting was held in Oak Ridge Nation Lab. This workshop series was organized with an aim to provide in-depth discussions of the continuous advances in Piezoresponse Force Microscopy - one of the dominant techniques for exploring ferroelectric, multiferroic, polar biomolecular, and ionic materials at the nanoscale - and to offer laboratory demonstrations and hands-on tutorials for the PFM practitioners by leading PFM experts. The first workshop was followed by the workshops in Beijing (2010), Vancouver (2011), Aveiro (2012), Nanjing (2013), Prague (2013), State College (2014), Ekaterinburg (2014), Singapore (2015), Oak Ridge (2015), Darmstadt (2016), Atlanta (2017) and Wuhan (2017). Some of the PFM meetings were organized jointly with other international conferences on ferroelectrics, such as annual ISAF meetings. Average attendance at stand-alone PFM workshops now reach 100 participants and the attendance is nearly doubles (~200) when the meetings are held in Asian venues. Currently a tradition that is a decade old, the PFM workshop series has established itself as one of the flagship meetings in a calendar year for researchers interested in nanoscale electronic, electromechanical and polar phenomena.

PFM meetings are coordinated by the PFM Advisory Board established in 2009.

PFM Advisory Board Members

Andrei Kholin (U Aveiro, Portugal) Alexei Gruverman (U Nebraska, USA)
Jiangyu Li (U Washington, USA) Kaiyang Zheng (National U Singapore, Singapore)
Xiaomei Lu (Nanjing University, China) Susan Trolier McKinstry (Penn State, USA)
Patrcyja Paruch (U Geneva, Switzerland) Nazanin Bassiri Gharb (Georgia Tech, USA)
Nava Setter (EPFL, Switzerland) Marin Alexe (U Warwick, UK)
Paul Weiss (UCLA, USA) Nagarajan Valanoor (U New South Wales, Australia)
Roger Proksch (Oxford Instruments, USA)
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