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Conference Topics

1. Fundamentals of Ferroelectrics and Related Materials
Theory and Modeling(1)/First Principle Calculation/Electronic Structures
Theory and Modeling(2)/Phenomenological Theories/Phase Field Simulations
Critical Phenomena/Soft modes/Phase Transitions
Domain/Surface/Interfacial Phenomena
Fundamentals of Multiferroics
Incommensurate and Modulated Structures
2. Novel Characterization Techniques
Static & Dynamical Structure Characterization by Quantum Beam
Electron or Scanning Probe Microscopes
Inelastic Light Scattering and Terahertz Spectroscopy
Electrical & Electromechanical Characterizations
Other Novel Characterization Methods
3. Novel Processing
Raw Materials, Shaping/Sintering Processes
Thick and Thin Films
Nanocrystals and Nanocomposites
Microwave/Plasma-Assisted Processes
Low Temperature and Environment-Friendly Processing
Polymers, Liquid and Plastic Crystals, and Composites
4. Functional Ceramic Materials and Applications
Ionic Conductive and Semiconductive Oxides
Varistors, Thermistors, and Sensors
Microwave, Magnetic and Photonic Ceramics
Thin and Thick films of Electronic Ceramics
Ceramics for Energy and Environment
Functional Ceramics for Bio-Applications
5. Ferroelectrics and Related Materials
Dielectric/Piezoelectric/Pyroelectric/Ferroelectric Materials
Multiferroic Materials
Antiferroelectric/ Relaxor/Other Polar Dielectric Materials
Ferroelastic/Electrocaloric/Flexoelectric Materials
Electro-optic/Photonic Materials
ECO/Smart Materials
6. Processing and Applications of Thin Films
Thin Film Growth and Characterization
Novel Ferroelectric/Piezoelectric Thin Films(Organic, MoS2, Interfacial Polarization etc.)
Nanowires, Nanotubes, Nanocubes, Superlattices and Ultrathin Films
Energy harvesting, Piezoelectric, IR and Terahertz and Sensors(MEMS devices)
Memories and Capacitors (Neuromorphic Chip, Negative Capacitance and Battery)
Energy Applications of Thin Films
Biomedical Applications of Thin Films
7. Dielectric Applications
Multilayered Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs)
High Temperature/High Power Capacitors
Energy Storage Capacitors
Dielectrics for High Frequency Applications
Thin Film Capacitors
8. Piezoelectric Applications
Bulk Acoustic devices (BAW & FBAR)
SAW devices
MEMS devices
Piezoelectric actuators & sensors
Piezoelectric Energy harvesters
Piezoelectric polymers & their applications
9. Ultrasonics: Fundamentals Materials and Applications
Wave Propagations in Various Media and Their Applications
Vibration Mode Analyses for Ultrasonic Devices/Resonators
High Power Characteristics and Applications
Ultrasonic Imaging Devices/Sensors
Materials for Ultrasonic Applications
10. Special Session: Single Crystal Growth & Applications
11. Special Session: Dielectric & Piezoelectric Properties under High Field (Dr. Yao Xi's Session)
12. Special Session: R & D in Japanese Industries
13. Workshop: Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (PFM)

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