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About AMF

AMF (The Asian Meeting on Ferroelectricity) is a series of meetings held biennially and are endorsed by the Asian Ferroelectric Association (AFA), which has been emerged as a strong body of scientists and engineers on ferroelectric basics and its applications, existing for more than two decades. The first Asian Meeting on Ferroelectrics (AMF-1), initiated by Prof. Xi Yao, was held in Xi'an-China in 1995. Then, the meeting was held in Singapore (1998, AMF-2), Hong Kong-China (2000, AMF-3), Bangalore,-India (2003, AMF-4), Noda-Japan (2006, AMF-5), Chinese Taipei (2008, AMF-6), Jeju-Korea (2010, AMF-AMEC-7) and Pattaya-Thailand (2012, AMF-8), Shanghai-China (2014, AMF-AMEC-9) and New Delhi-India (2016, AMF-10).
AMF is now one of the most prestigues international meetings on the ferroelectricity, which brings together physicists, chemists, electronic scientists and industry engineers from universities, institutes and industries from Asian region as well as other parts of the world, to discuss on the progress in ferroelectrics, electroceramics, and passive devices, including a broad spectrum of basic principles, materials processing and characterization, and various applications. AMF has witnessed the fast-growing community and the research activities in Asian in last two decades. It will continue this thriving trend of the Asian Ferroelectricity Community.

International Advisory Board of AMF

International Advisory Board of AMF
Yong Xiang Li (President of Asian Ferroelectric Association, Shanghai Inst. Ceram., China)
Chul Hong Park (Program Chair, Pusan National University, South Korea)
Hajime Nagata (Publication Chair, Tokyo Univ. Science, Japan)

Balu Balachandran (Argonne National Lab., USA) Michel Barsoum (Drexel Univ., USA)
Amar Bhalla (Univ. Texas, USA) Berry Carterc (Univ. Connecticut, USA)
Ratnamala Chatterjee (IIT Delhi, India) Holger Fritze (Tech. Univ. Clausthal, Germany)
Carmen Galassi (CNR-ISTEC,Italy) Samir Kamat (DMRL, India)
Stanislav Kamba (Inst. Phys. ASCR, Czech) Andrei Kholkin (Univ. Aveiro, Portugal)
Yoshihiro Kuroiwa (Hiroshima Univ., Japan) S. B. Krupanidhi (Indian Inst. Science, India)
M. Vijayalakshmi (IGCAR, India) Santi Maensiri (Suranaree Univ. Tech.,Thailand)
Subhash Mahajan (Univ. California, USA) Tae Won Noh (Seoul National Univ., South Korea)
Lye Hock Ong (Univ. Sains Malaysia, Malaysia) Goffredo Portu (CNR-ISTEC, Italy)
Jurgen Rodel (Tech. Univ. Darmstadt, Germany) Ahmad Safari (Rutgers Univ., USA)
James F. Scott (Univ. St. Andrews, Scotland) Vladimir Shur (Ural Federal Univ., Russia)
K. Sinhar (CSIR-CSIO,India) P. Tandon (Univ. Delhi, India)
Tseung-Yuen Tseng (Chiao Tung Univ.,Taiwan) Takaaki Tsurumi (Tokyo Tech., Japan)
Harry Tuller (MIT, USA) Matjaz Valant (Univ. Nova Gorica, Slovenia)
Satoshi Wada (Yamanashi Univ., Japan) R. Yimnirun (Suranaree Univ. Tech.,Thailand)
Weiguang Zhu (Nanyang Tech. Univ., Singapore)

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