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Women in Engineering

Women in Engineering Panel Discussion
--- Expanding Opportunities for Women ---
Chair: Prof. Michelle Dolgos (Oregon State Univ., USA)
Vice Chair: Prof. Chikako Moriyoshi (Hiroshima Univ., Japan)
Date&Time:  Lunch Time of May 29 (Tue) (Japanese lunch and sweets will be provided)
Place:  Room C on the B2F of the International Conference Center Hiroshima
IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting women engineers and inspiring girls around the world to follow their interests to a career in engineering. The 2018 ISAF WIE event “Expanding Opportunities for Women” will be a panel discussion on May 29th during the lunch period. Increasing diverse participation in technology is not a woman’s issue; it’s a business issue, and we need participation from everyone. To that end, we are planning a panel to raise awareness about ways to create inclusive work environments and we want you to attend! During this event we will discuss why advocates for women are important in technical workplaces and how everyone can create more inclusive and productive teams and environments. We would like to encourage all conference participants to attend this event, regardless of gender. We will have vibrant discussions about the case for a diverse STEM workforce, how women can advocate for themselves and each other, how women can engage men to help their future success, the kinds of things men should advocate for, and how all these efforts can increase innovation. The discussion will be moderated by Professor Michelle Dolgos and Professor Chikako Mriyoshi will include panel members from academia, industry, and government: Professor Barbara Malic (Institut Jozef Stefan), Dr. Kazumi Kato (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), Dr. Shoko Yoshikawa (Navico, Inc.), Dr. Lauren Garten (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), Professor Brady Gibbons (Oregon State University), and other volunteers.

Prof. Michelle Dolgos Prof. Chikako Moriyoshi

Prof. Barbara Malic Dr. Kazumi Kato Dr. Shoko Yoshikawa Dr. Lauren Garten Prof. Brady Gibbons

You can register your account to the WIE event in your conference registration by selecting 'yes' to 'Do you attend Women in Engineering?'
If you like to add or cancel the WIE registration after the conference registration, please click here.

Lunch and Sweets Provided at Women in Engineering

We have been finding a nice lunch box and sweets for this event. We have already determined two sweets.
Ichigo Daifuku is a Japanese confection consisting of a small round mochi
(glutinous rice cake)stuffed with strawberry and sweetened red bean paste.
First Ichigo-Daifuku(YouTube)
Hassaku Jelly (a specialty of Innoshima Island in Hiroshima)
Recommendation of Prof. Chikako Moriyoshi.
Hassaku Orange Jelly(YouTube)

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