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Welcome to AMEC

We are very delighted to welcome you to participate in the 11th Asian Meeting on Electroceramics (AMEC-11, 2018) to be held in Hiroshima, Japan from May27 - June1, 2018 at the International Convention Center Hiroshima.

The first two conferences of the Asian Meeting on Electroceramics (AMEC-1 and AMEC-2) were held in Kawasaki-Japan in 2000 and 2001, then followed by biennial meeting in different Asian countries: Singapore (AMEC-3, 2003), Hangzhou-China (AMEC-4, 2015), Bangkok-Thailand (AMEC-5, 2006), Tsukuba-Japan (AMEC-6, 2008), Jeju-Korea (AMEC-7, 2010), Penang-Malaysia (AMEC-8, 2012), Shanghai-China (AMEC-9, 2014) and Taipei-Taiwan (AMEC-10, 2016). Based upon its well established reputation over the years, AMEC-11, 2018 is expecting to gather a large number of experts and professionals from around the world to participate and share their knowledge.

The aim of this conference is to bring together the physicists, the chemists, the electronic scientists, the industrial engineers from academics and the industries from Asian region as well as other parts of the world, to discuss and exchange information on the cutting-edge of electroceramics and passive devices.

Asian Electroceramics Association (AECA) Board Members

Asian Electroceramics Association (AECA) Board Members
Hong Wang (President of AECA, Xi’an Jiaotong Univ., China)
Sea-Fue Wang (Program Chair, Nat. Taipei Univ. Tech., Taiwan)

Lye Hook Ong (Univ. Sains Malaysia, Malaysia) Helen L. W. Chan (Hong Kong Poly. Univ., China)
Hajime Haneda (NIMS, Japan) Takaaki Tsurumi (Tokyo Tech., Japan)
Kazumi Kato (AIST, Japan) Akira Ando (Murata Manufact., Japan)
Ce-Wen Nan (Tsinghua Univ., China) Xiang-Ming Chen (Zhejiang Univ., China)
Guorong Li (Shanghai Inst. Ceramics, China) Eung Soo Kim (Kyonggi Univ. Korea)
Hyeong Joon Kim (Seoul Nat. Univ., Korea) Jong-Heun Lee (Korea Univ., Korea)
A. K. Tyagi (Atomic Res. Center Mumbai, India ) A. R. Kulkarni (I. I. T.-Bombay, India)
Sean Li (Univ. New South Wales, Australia) Santi Maensiri (Suranaree Univ. Tech., Thailand)
Asian Electroceramics Association (AECA) Advisory Board Members
Kunihito Koumoto (Toyota Phys. Chem. Res. Inst., Japan) Xi Yao (Xian Jiaotong Univ., China)
Long-Tu Li (Tsinghua Univ., China) Noboru Ichinose (Waseda Univ., Japan)
Ki-Hyun Yoon (Yonsei Univ., Korea)

Committee Members of Electronics Division, The Ceramic Society of Japan

Committee Members of Electronics Division, The Ceramic Society of Japan
Yoshihiko Imanaka (President of Electronic Devision, Fujitu Lab., Japan)
Xu Chao-Nan (Vice President of Electronic Devision, AIST, Japan)

Hideyuki Amada (Fujitsu Lab., Japan) Maiko Nishihori (Kyushu Univ., Japan)
Junji Akimoto (AIST, Japan) Jun Akedo (AIST, Japan)
Daisuke Iwanaga (TDK, Japan) Naoki Ohashi (NIMS, Japan)
Yasuyuki Okimura (NGK, Japan) Minoru Osada (NIMS, Japan)
Taigo Onodera (Hitachi, Japan) Ken-ichi Kamimoto (Nagoya Inst. Tech, Japan)
Kazumi Kato (AIST, Japan) Takanori Kiguchi (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Yuji Kintaka (Murata Manufact., Japan) Nobuyuki Soyama (Mitsubishi Mater., Japan)
Hiroaki Takeda (Tokyo Tech., Japan) Yumi Takana (Tokyo Univ. Sci., Japan)
Takuji Tsujita (Panasonic, Japan) Tetsuo Tsuchiya (AIST, Japan)
Kenji Toda (Niigata Univ, Japan) Hajime Nagata (Tokyo Univ. Sci., Japan)
Yuji Noguchi (Tokyo Univ, Japan) Kouichi Hamamoto (AIST, Japan)
Kouichi Harada (Toshiba, Japan) Yoshihiro Fujioka (Kyocera, Japan)
Shinobu fujiwara (Keio Univ., Japan) Hiroshi Funakubo (Tokyo Tech., Japan)
Hiroshi Masumoto (Tohoku, Japan) Teruyasu Mizoguchi (Tokyo Univ., Japan)
Kouichiro Morita (Taiyo Yuden, Japan) Hironori Moriwake (JFCC, Japan)
Tomoaki Yamada (Nagoya Univ., Japan) Naoki Wakiya (Shizuoka Univ., Japan)
Satoshi Wada (Yamanashi Univ., Japan) Kazuyuki Kakegawa (Chiba Univ., Japan)
Kenji Suzuki (NGK Insulators, Japan)

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